Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Mistake On The Lake

I am a Cleveland girl. I realize most of you just thought
"I'm sorry". Thank you. As a Clevelander, one must learn how to poke fun at oneself, as well as develop a thick skin when others are doing the fun-poking for you. This guy has mastered the first requirement.

He's not just limited to Cleveland either. In this next video, he takes on half the state of Ohio!

Love it! The first two videos actually stirred up some trouble for the actual Cleveland Board of Tourism, called Positively Cleveland. Other cities started putting up the videos on their own tourism sites as reasons to visit them instead of Cleveland. Positively Cleveland is now scrambling around putting a contest together, trying to get people to make similar videos but in a more positive light. Yeah, good luck with that...


  1. I found your blog via our buddy Mr. Condescending and just became your first follower for your new site (that's a first for me). I can't wait to read more. I understand why you started a new one. I got fired for my racy blog and have offended more than a few friends and family. What the hell. Rant on.

  2. Peach- Thank you for being my first (and only, so far) follower! I wish I had a prize for you, but being that I am currently unemployed, that's not gonna happen. I guess I'll have to get readers the old-fashioned way, by writing, instead of giving away tons of crap. Damn it.