Sunday, July 19, 2009

When Good Girls Go Bad, They Go Very, Very Bad...

I started blogging a year ago, and like a sap I added my real name and photo to the profile. And like and even bigger sap, I gave the URL to friends and family. This has come back to bite me in the ass. Friends and family can behave like complete morons sometimes, and that can make for really great blog fodder. Unfortunately, I have to live with these people and writing about anything they deem embarrassing would make my life a living hell.

I also never expected to acquire the type of readership I have; for some reason Christian bloggers really seem to like me, even though I am not a Christian nor do I blog about anything Christian-esque. I appreciate their dedication to my writing, but in my efforts to not offend anyone, I am continuously censoring myself. I am afraid to swear, write about off-color topics, or even give my true opinion on certain subjects. This.Is.Frustrating. But what's a good girl to do? Start a secret blog...

I need this secret blog where nobody knows me, so I can rant and swear to my little heart's content. I need it for my sanity. I need it for my soul. I need to let my inner bad girl come out to play once in a while, or I shall go mad. Muwhahaha.


  1. I've had a few Christian bloggers follow mine too, and I am just waiting...waiting for the day when one of them tries to tell me what a sinner I am...hahahaha! But hey, nice blog you have here!

  2. For whatever reason, I'm always a little thrilled when I've offended someone.... I started my blog as the real me as well but thankfully I am a huge bitch in real life so no one was particularly shocked.
    ps- I LOVE your dirty snow white.

  3. Organic Meatbag- I'm fine with Christians as long as they don't try and impose their religion on me. I was walking through our local homecoming fair and there was a church group handing out leaflets. I was almost hoping theu would stop me and ask if I had been "saved". To which my reply would have been "No, becuase if being saved invloves telling other people they are going to hell for being different, I'd rather be damned."

    Repliderium- Thank you, I chose her to be the face of my naughty side since the little girls I used to nanny for told me I looked like her.